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Census of 1801

The census of 1801 was indexed by Historisk Institutt, University of Bergen, between 1968 and 1972. Fylkesarkivet has received the data concerning Sogn og Fjordane from Digitalarkivet.

The census
A decree of November 28, 1800, stated that there should be a census of the population on February 1, 1801. This census should comprise all the people in the country, military persons included.

The census of 1801 is nominative, meaning that the names of the persons are listed.

In addition to names, the census lists contain information on how many families lived on a farm, position of each family member, age, marital status, occupation, etc.

The parson of the congregation, helped by the teacher, was in charge of getting all the neccesary information. The census lists were checked by government authorities and the bishops.

How to search
You can search these fields:

  • Parish
  • Farm
  • First name
  • Father's name
  • Occupation

Don't fill in all the fields when searching! At the outset, fill in as little information as possible. If seaching one Haldfrid Anthoniusdotter Natvik, just fill in as first name Ha (no wildcards) and An as father's name. Probably that will do. If sure of parish, fill in two letters, thus restricting the search to that parish. Be aware of Norwegian letters! Be aware of different spellings! Searching Årdal parish, if you don't have the Å letter, fill in rdal. If not getting a hit, try again with different setups.

If problems, contact Fylkesarkivet.

You may use wildcards to extend a search. Use the % symbol. Example: search on %ist% as first name, and you will get hits like Kristian, Christian, Kristoffer, Kristi, etc.  

There are no blank lines between families in the 1801 census. This may cause some confusion.